Nashville Airport

Wow, It’s been over a month since my last post. I admit that it felt like yesterday and I have been lacking. I have been doing too much at once over the last few months. I’m doing this blogging thing wrong.

For the last month or so, I was living with my grandparents in South Carolina. With the rising costs of living, it has been difficult to find a place to stay or live in Florida. People are even offering rooms for the same price as an apartment used to be. As a result I have been moving couch to couch and that is where I found myself.

I had a family member call me with a favor that required me to go back to Florida. After I finished my summer course, I headed there for a few days. But once again I found myself needing to find a place to go afterwards.

Since I have been craving to move to Tennessee for some time now, I found this to be an opportunity to explore. I purchased a ticket and flew myself out to Nashville for a week. On the first day I drove for hours. I saw the country and the city on the same day. Every tree’s leaves being the perfect shade of green. In some places you could see an endless field that seemed as if untouched.

37072688_278281326260372_7509017453901381632_nE. N Peeler Park

Needless to say, I felt a bit more at home and more relaxed. Over the next couple of days I researched and visited some apartments to see what was available.  I did go on a horseback adventure trail and explored some parks to make sure I wasn’t burning myself out. Each day I made myself go somewhere new. Overall it was a fantastic experience.

Creekside Riding Academy and Stables

In the last two days that I resided there, I was going through the process of signing a lease for an apartment. All I had to do is sign the dotted line and I would have a place to live in the state that I feel I wanted to live in. Now, I didn’t have a doubt that the location was where I wanted to be. I know that I am ready to move. But I could not sign it for some reason. You know how your subconscious is telling you something but you cannot figure it out? It was a harsh two days.

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

I was confirming my start date for the last class in order to get my degree and it hit me. I was afraid of risking my goal. I have worked extremely hard to get this shiny piece of paper and put myself in debt in order to earn it. I had decided that I am temporarily going to remain in Florida until I finish this class. Nothing is going to stop me from achieving this goal.

I admit that after I decided how I wanted to blog and what about, I realized it’s not as simple to find doable projects to do so. I have three posts in draft mode right now and reviewing them. I promise I will release more content over the next few weeks that is a little more directed towards my goal.

Til next time!