It’s been months again. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about my end goal of starting my own blog. I temporarily put my focus into work that was not my own. I’ll be honest and say that I regret that I did. I realized that I was a small fish trying to swim upstream and against the current. I was recently freed from being stuck in that spot, but I know that others are in that same scenario swimming hard as they can to get out of it. There are times people wanted to say something about it, but nobody does until it’s too late.

I took a couple of days of decompressing and let my mind wander. It kept leading me to one question: How the hell did I end up there in the first place? Took me about a week before I realized that I had no code of living, and I felt that not having this ultimately led me to where I was.

We know that our society has rules that one must follow to keep the peace. Most of these rules are known in the open. Consider the laws that help govern the people and minimize crime and accidents, policies that companies follow in order to grow and succeed, and guidelines that schools follow to keep students focused on their education and get a degree. They all are there to keep things in order. Most motivational speakers I follow pretty much talk about working hard and not wasting a second of your day, but not all of them talk about how they created their own rules that they live by. So I have decided to start again by laying out mine for all to see. I’m calling it my personal code of conduct.

I want to make sure you know that I have put a lot of deep thought about my characteristics and personal experiences over the years. This wasn’t just written up overnight. You should see my endless pages next to my computer on each code I came up with. I’m hoping that onwards I’ll grow to a better place.

To avoid writing an endless list, I will be posting on my Facebook Page, Losstheboss with my 7 rules, once a day starting on Sunday. I’ll tell you my exact wording, why, and how it came to be.

And yes, I promise I am here to stay this time. I have blocked out time every day to do something with this. I’m not losing my groove on this ever again!