I’m not the greatest at talking about somebody. I have been in complete disbelief that the Marvelman himself, Stan Lee, had passed away earlier today. I continued seeing more social media posts and I just sat there thinking “Bullshit. No way.” While I knew he was creeping up on a century of living his life, I was still hoping for it to be a hoax. It’s been more than a few hours now, and I know it to be true.

Stan Lee gave a gift to the world. These gifts consisted of heroes and villains, along with new worlds and universes. What was at first an idea, became a story for us to read, a show to watch, movies to see, and even video games to play. He gave people a hero to look up to. These heroes stood up against the bullies, protected the Earth and it’s inhabitants. If you look behind the graphics and words, you’ll feel the passion and love writing these stories. I can feel a connection to the emotions among them ranging anywhere from happiness to grief and loss. I could go on all night about this…

Look, you didn’t have to know Stan Lee personally to love him. All you have to do pick up one of his/Marvel’s comics, and allow yourself to be engulfed by the story while reading it.

One more thing. This part is personal I guess, and completely unrelated. His passing has given me a reminder that had me add one more rule. It’ll be Rule #8 when I post it on my Facebook Page, but I didn’t want to post out of order, so I’ll label it here too.

Rule #8: I am going to die one day. Until I do, I’m going to make every second count.

I accepted my mortality when I was 16. There was a week where I had a harsh depression period. I realized I would die one day. During that time, I stayed home from school and didn’t hang out with friends. I stayed in my room unless I had to go to the bathroom. Finally I woke up and concluded that if I’m gonna die, I’m gonna have all the fun I can before I do.

I got in my head that I should always expect that death is coming. This way it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. However in the last few years, I admit I have been feeling somewhat immortal. Stan Lee’s recent passing reminded me that no matter what kind of superhero you are, you will still continue to age.


I know that my post will not do justice for him. I’m not very good at this just yet. I just wanted to say something. He is definitely worth way more. One thing is for sure: 

Stan Lee gave the world a gift that will be remembered for generations.
We will forever be indebted to him.