It has been an interesting month. I am very sorry that I haven’t taken the time to write a post. I keep apologizing for the same thing, but you know you guys matter to me. I did post on my facebook page a little bit, but I lacked there too.

Let me tell you what caused the disappearing act.

I left the company I was previously working for. I’ll admit to you that it wasn’t exactly on my terms, but it was definitely overdue. The job had changed dramatically and in my eyes I feel that my hearing disability was no longer something the company could work with. It was a hassle that nobody understood and it lasted a few years, even when ADA was brought up. When my frustration made it to an all time high, we had a meeting and it was decided that it was time to leave. I thanked them for the experience and we parted ways.

For the first time since I was about 16, I was unemployed. You’d think I’d be in a panic and upset about it, but I was more relieved than anything else. That place wasn’t for me anymore, and I knew it. After I got home, I just had a beer and enjoyed a movie. I took the next day to destress. Relax. Think. Recuperate. In other words, I did whatever the hell I wanted. I took a drive. I napped. I played video games. I got in touch with people I wanted to hang out with.

I had decided I was going to look for a new job bit by bit, but finishing the last three weeks of school was more crucial. It was my last class, and passing meant I would get my degree. So I focused on passing the course. I’m proud to say that I did, and just waiting on that shiny piece of paper to show up on my door…

For Thanksgiving, I visited my sister and family in Colorado and we had a great time. While I was there I had hiked a trail a few times, and then took a few phone interviews for jobs. I ended up accepting a job offer to work at a ski resort in Big Sky, Montana. A place I’ve never been, doing a job I don’t have any experience in. Hence the title, I’m stepping into the unknown.

Last week, I began my journey. I decided to visit my family and friends along the way and it’s been a fun time. I started by visiting my Grandparents, then my “bro from another mo”, both in South Carolina. Then I made my way to Nashville, where I spent the night to sleep. I then began a drive to South Dakota that ended up taking 18 hours due to extremely thick fog at the end. Nobody could see more than a few feet in front of them, causing 25-30MPH speeds. While the end was a killer, the drive before that was super easy. There was no traffic and very little construction, so I was very fortunate.

So where am I now? I’m still in South Dakota for a couple of days, visiting my father. A check engine light came on, and the code says it could be nothing, or it could be something that could cause some damage to the engine. This doesn’t exactly help me much, so I’m having a mechanic look at it.

In a couple days, I’ll be in Montana for the first time. I’m really excited. Prepare to see posts and photos, and blogs all over again. Now that I’m almost there!