I’ve had writers block for the last couple of weeks. I kept typing stuff up, only to decide that isn’t what I want to say. But I guess just a small recap of my stay here is a good way to start.

I’ve officially been in Montana for a little under a month. I have had some fantastic experiences, both good and bad. I can tell it’s only going to make me stronger in the end. Here is snippit of my experiences.

1) I arrived at 5am after driving overnight to my final destination and provided hotel. The company I work for offers employee assistance housing and I took advantage of it. Unfortunately the reservation did not exist properly, so the room wasn’t ready until about 8am. I think I was up about 15 hours at that point and I was out like a light. Word of advice – Regardless if you can check in a couple days early, call. I assumed the room would be empty or ready for me to arrive.

2) I drove up the mountain to work. My job required me to utilize my truck. Unfortunately I had a RWD truck and I found getting up steeper parts of the mountain became impossible to pass with the ice and snow levels around this time of year. This is after adding weight to my truck and trying some snow tires. I attempted to find a 4×4 but downside is that my trade in would be less than my loan, when I’m so close to paying my truck off! Hopefully tax season will help me out enough to make a better dent!

2) Because of the above, I had to find a new role. A week after I started my new job, I took a role in the same company and became a supervisor. I have been enjoying the position, but I admit I’m still learning the trade and have some stuff to work on. Particularly my speed between moving floors.

3) The cold impacted some of my electronics. My Sony wireless headphones froze after being outside and snapped when I had adjusted it when I went to my break. Later on, something even worse happened. My hearing aid did the same thing. It was annoying, but I am always smart enough to keep my backup.

5) I joined a gym. It’s just like the videos you see online where they converted the garage and everybody is a family. Just had day one today and my body hurts.

6) It’s absolutely beautiful here. Just look. If I had a better vehicle, I could be happy to live here forever. The people are nicer, the land is cleaner, and the list goes on.

I can’t believe I’m here. While I’m off of work, I’m going to learn to snowboard. I’m going to hike in the mountains at one point. Now that I’m comfortable with the area and how I need to plan things out, it’s time to roll.

Promise to post soon! Love you guys!