Fun Fact: Two years ago I got lost in Japan. Short story, I ended up at Universal Studios in Universal City, Japan and that was the first time I’ve been to a Universal Studios. I did not know how to get back where I was staying at the time. It took some searching, googling, and just asking around until I finally got back into the heart of Osaka. Took me a couple of hours, but it also taught me to be a little more prepared.

Since then, when I came back to the USA, I had an nonstop itch to travel.

Since part of my family worked at Yellowstone National Park for a season, I figured it would be a good place to start. They couldn’t stop talking about being in Yellowstone as much as I couldn’t stop talking about being in Japan. Then I left my prior job earlier than planned and needed something soon. So I did what everybody does when they need to find an answer quickly.

I asked Google.

I ended up at Coolworks, a website that holds seasonal jobs in many different states. It has very basic filtering settings, but you can search by season, general categories of the type of jobs, if you’re looking specifically to work at a National Park, and jobs that are looking for help ASAP.

Not even 2 days later after two days after I had applied for a couple of jobs, I had a phone call with a job offer at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana. I came out here a week later. I also applied for a Yellowstone job found on Coolworks and recieved a call within a week or so.

Me taking a day in Ousel Falls, Montana

If you’re looking to start traveling and working, Coolworks is a great starting point for jobs. Keep in mind that a lot of jobs on there offer some sort of housing (mainly dorm style), or hookups if you have an RV. It’s a great way to start out this lifestyle and minimize your expenses.

To give you a snippit (and this may change later if you end up working for Big Sky Resort), my monthly expenses while living in this hotel has been 300 a month, which automatically comes out of your check. I spend roughly 50 for food, and because I utilized the bus pass that Big Sky Resort provided for travel, I didn’t have to worry about gas and adding miles on my truck.

I’m hoping this information helps you get started. In the beginning, I was pretty much all over the place trying to figure out what to do and where to go. Coolworks helped me get started and in the end, I was able to relax and enjoy the ride.

Snowstorm rolling in at Big Sky Resort, Montana